Crap is driving me insane today… just found out that I managed to miss a ton of stuff last night, though not sure how much.

I’m literally afraid to ask people what’s going on, but I know that some day either I’ll ask, or somebody’s gonna tell me.

Job performance review today, and though I probably should be, I’m not nervous at all. I am sort of excited because I have been doingg fine, beter, by my own estiminations.

Things I’m gratful for this day:

Nicer Weather

Datacenter staff who cut me more slack than necessary

good people at work

Finally upped my to a VIP subscription… which I meant to do but just forgot. I need to get my RSS feed and then somehow set to automatically show up as a watch post on Known. For now, until I can do something with the API, I’ll stick to RSS being fed into my stream. I can do that,right?

Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me here in a bit. Will be much easier when I’m actually a little more proficient in PHP; getting there, but not quite.

Is it just me, or does MB not support .heic formatted images? I'm trying to update the photo on my profile to an actual good on, and I can't seem to. Just says that there was an error processing the request.

there goes the fence.

This is what happened to our fence on Friday during a rather heavy wind storm. It was just wind, but it was enough to drop one of the branches of our neighbors huge tree, and it landed right in the yard. I’ll never forget what that sounded like as we were sitting down together at the dinner table.

Just sitting here… work has been all right today. Was a bit on the anxious side when mydriver didn’t feel like helping me with y seatbelt (coouldn’t find it.)

Having a heck of a lot of fun this morning. No traffic, which was good. So the only problem, my breakfast sandwich was so hot that I almost ate the paper when I came in. I had to keep removing little pieces of it they got stuck to it. Either way, sandwich was delicious. With coffee to top it off.

Not sure how this happened,but I have hopefully fixed the header on my main site, Still says unverified no matter what I do. Maybe @help might have some light to shed on this. I think it’s probably me, but where?

Need to set up the app to point to my site so that posting up here will bring stuff there,too, though with my foggy mind right now, trying to configure something is probably not the best idea at this moment in time. I’m already stretching myself thin by having to think about deploymments of SCCM/SCOM today, considering I told my friend I would start yesterday, and of course, I didn’t.

Trying to use site verification, and though I added the tag, somehow my site isn’t marked as verified. I don’t remember this taking too long the last time, either. Might it be beecause my domain name changed? @manton, and anyone else on the team could shed light on this … would be great. Thanks!

Can finally verify my site on once again … this should be very interesting. actually has a refreshing feeling to it, to be honest.

Just read an article where an author admits to not using the Evolution email client on Linux because it looks like Outlook. That’s the very reason why I want to use it .. I want to eventually switch full time.

I need to ask some advice of the technologists who still value both Windows and Linux. When server software can run on both, barring personal preference, for in the business world they don’t matter, how does one decide which one to use? Windows, or Linux? And if Linux, which distribution?

Forgot how much of a pain in the ass holding a template’s formatting is when you replace the template text with your own. But after all,isn’t that the entire point of using a template? LOL