I find posting from here rather interesting … If I click on my profile from here, i see all my posts, but they don’t show up on my hosted blog …

Quick question for @manton. If you have your feeds from an external site going to cross posts, Mastodon, for instance, will replies from there come back to the external site?

Need to figure out which of the default post formats in Wordpress map to which post kinds. I’m having issues I think in getting the right boxes to display in the UI. Look at my ltest reply to something from the New Yorker. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Now i can repost stuff where it belongs. Still confused by the “unknown” notifications underr some RSS feeds, though, yet repost/like still works? Huh? Fill me in? Thanks.

Just wanted to thank @aaronpk and @cleverdevil for writing a MicroSub serverr and a Indieweb reader respectively. I’m using the hosted aperture instance fo the time being until I feel like fooling with Laravel.

Just letting everyone know, cambridgeport90.net is alive, though bare at the current moment. Working on updates to it. Ushering a new era for myself where I am parrt of the #indieweb. Hale to the new.

I could be completely off the mark, here, but tell me when using a txt record in DNS makes sense for mail routing? like … am I missing the obvious?

And gotta love support for seemingly trivial and ridiculous requests. Thanks to the folks at #Dell for dealing with my stupidity.

few. Gods, took forever, but finally was able to fix my Google auth issue. Got it to work with Duo instead; love that thing; aftually works and I can remove and edit accounts.

I’ve not had this much trouble setting up two factor authentication in ages; keep trying to set up something in google, and it’s just sitting there; token keeps expiring since I can’t type it fast enough.

Okay. I can favourite and repost stuff. Why the hell can’t I send replies or make new posts? I also can’t add channels or other feeds from other places. Does @cleverdevil have any ad\vice? i’d appreciate anything you’ve got, and thanks!

I have my blog up here connected to alltogetherernow.io, so, shouldn’t I be able to send replies and to post from there? What am I doing wrong?

Kind of anoyed.Was trying to run Bitlbee under WSL. Looks like that’s not supported as long s systemd is blocked. systemctl status bitlbee doesn’t work LOL.

I find that since I’m no longer using Discord for interrnal projects, I can actually spend time on the communal servers that I had been ignoring.

I follow the tech alliance because I want to talk with you guys and learn from you. Not to listen to how bad you think Trump is doing.

Gods above. Why can’t I catch a political topic break? Even amongst the IT sector. C’mon, guys. Shut up? LOL